Interview with Dragons Super Fan & Local Civic Leader David Lim

David founded the inaugural Dragons FC Supporters Group in 2016

Dragons President Jordan Gardner, with David Lim earlier this month & Jordan with David's Daughter at her San Mateo AYSO Pizza Party sat down with David Lim, Deputy Mayor, City of San Mateo and President of the Burlingame Dragons FC Supporters Group to answer a few questions about his passion for the Dragons, motivations for starting a Dragons supporters group, and what the club means to San Mateo County.

Why did you become a Dragons Fan? What first drew you to the organization?
I became a Founding Fan last season. The arrival of the Dragons to San Mateo County coincided with my growing love of soccer. I did not grow up a soccer fan. Like most Americans, I was drawn to baseball, football, and basketball. But in the summer of 2014 I followed the men's World Cup, and then in the fall 2014 my friends and I began to follow English Premier League Football. We each chose a mid-level team to root for and call our own. What started as whimsical fun at work soon turned into hard-core supporting for our teams. I adopted Aston Villa (a sad, sad story for another time). I established a twitter feed @AstonVilla_USA which now has almost 450 followers and has been retweeted by Men in Blazers! In Spring 2015 I saw an ad for the Burlingame Dragons and bought a season ticket package for me and the family. We attended 5 of the home games last year, and my kids fell in love with Nacho, Ugo, and the rest of the team! I loved it because it was quality soccer in a close, intimate atmosphere. Since then, our family proudly wears our Dragon gear around town and talks up the team to our friends in AYSO and the general community!

With the Dragons being an organization that puts a primary focus on family, what do the Dragons mean to you and your family?
The Dragons are good family fun. I appreciate the family friendly atmosphere of the Dragons Lair (that's what we call Burlingame HS!). Soccer has also become a sport my kids and I bond over. One of my daughters plays AYSO soccer and loves it, so we'll watch the games and talk strategy and tactics. I also love that the team is composed of mostly college students. This makes them positive role models for my kids, as they know that these are young men who value a quality education. The girls will look at the game program, see where these young men go to college, and ask, "If I go to college, could I play soccer, too?" I love it!

What was your thought process behind establishing the Dragons Supporters Group? What is the group about? What makes it unique from other supporters groups of teams in the professional soccer realm today? How can people join?
As I mentioned in answer #1, I created @AstonVilla_USA to support my Premier League team, but increasingly I was tweeting about the Dragons! So finally, I decided that I needed my own twitter feed to support the Dragons! That led to the creation of @BurlingameROAR1. My goal is to have as many if not MORE supporters on @BurlingameROAR1 than on my Aston Villa twitter feed! Anyone can join by following my twitter feed. I also hope to start a Facebook page and Instagram feed before the season begins. My supporter group is unique from other supporters groups because I don't take myself too seriously! I am a Councilmember, Attorney, and father. I have a lot of stress in my life! My goal in watching the Dragons is to relax and have fun! So I support the Roar no matter what, and I don't treat wins and loses like life and death, because it's not! As long as me and my family have fun, we are going to support the Dragons! I hope other supporters will join us as a place where we can share our love of Dragons Soccer with our families, support the young players who are trying to make it in the world of high-level competitive soccer, but most of all HAVE FUN. And awesome looking kits, scarves, and fun chants never hurts, either! :-)

In your opinion, what does having a professional soccer organization, like the Dragons, mean to San Mateo County?
The Dragons mean San Mateo County has a high-caliber professional club to call our own. It means we don't have to look to San Francisco or San Jose for high quality sports. It means civic pride. It means bonding over something fun and wholesome in our community. It means good family fun for a reasonable price. Most of all, it means having a good time with your friends and family all summer long! GO DRAGONS!! ROOOOAAR!!

Fans can follow the Burlingame Dragons Supporters Group via Twitter @BurlingameROAR1